about us

We set up SAUV Communications Private Limited (SAUV) back in 2009 as communication Management Company aspiring to reinvent image, look and feel of organisations. Our experience reveals that an organisation's mass image is formed by news media, its look is shaped by advertising and publications, and its feel originates out of its brand positioning and that we need to navigate these strategically to the intended change. In SAUV, we seek to navigate all of these to the client's need and advantage through engagement of media, advertising, branding, publications and digital communications.

As we moved on in the journey, our interest in destination branding grew. The first destination that naturally drew our attention was the land we came from, Bihar The idea of branding Bihar was thus born, and it’s ‘soft power’ became our obsession. This website is the bye product, born and run in-house. It aims to reach out to all those, who left their homeland for various reasons but they wish to retain and nurture the memory of their root.

our team

Uday Sahay Managing Editor

Kumar Ranjan Consulting Editor

Sharanya Sahay Editor
Kuldeep Kumar Consortium Partner

Aranya Sahay Film Consultant
Sanjeev Kumar Designing

Alakh Sharma Hony Adviser

Jayant Kastuar Hony Adviser

Jyotsna Roy Hony Adviser

Sanjay Jha Hony Foreign Media Adviser

Saurabh Anuraj Hony Adviser

Surendra Kumar Consortium Partner

Ruchi Lal Content Writer

Kundan Sinha Brand Partner

Vivek Kumar Brand Partner

Manish Sinha Brand Partner

Vijay Krishna Brand Partner

Ritwik Abhilash Photography Partner

Manish Photography Partner

Gargi Photography Partner

Haran Kumar Chief Photography Consultant