bhimbandh Sanctuary

Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the south west of Munger District. The forests cover an area of 681.99 sq. kms on the hills and undulating tract of Kharagpur Hills. It is situated at a distance of 56 kms from Munger, 20 kms from Jamui Railway Station and 200 kms from Patna Airport.

This forest are located in the famous Kharagpur hill range, south of river Ganga and is surrounded on all sides by non-forestry areas inhabited by dense population. The vegetation of these forests is very rich where Sal, Kend, Semal and other trees grow side by side the hilly terrain, protecting from the suns rays the forms and humble creepers which grow below. 

A host of animals such as Tiger, Leopards, Sloth Bear, Nilgai, Sambhar, Barking Deer, Wild Beer, four horned Antelope use to abide by in these forests. In the valley portions and at the foothills, are several hot springs, of which the finest are at Bhimbandh, Sita Kund and Rishi Kund. All the hot springs maintain nearly same temperature round the year, and seasonal fluctuation of discharge is also nominal. Among them the Bhimbandh groups of springs have the maximum temperature (52° C to 65°C) and discharge (0.84-1.12 cum/sec) and constitute the best area for the exploration of geothermal energy potential.

All the thermal springs of sanctuary have a common geological frame. The spouts issue from the contact of massive guartzites (jointed and crushed) with states and phyllites (Kharagpur Group). 
All the springs are situated at topographic lows within the guartziter. The aqueducts formed due to fracturing are long and narrow zones of fissures and broken rocks. 

There are number of places of tourist interest nearby the Sanctuary like Rishikund, Ha-Ha Punch Kumari, Rameshwar Kund, Kharagpur Lake, Sringrishi etc. There are Tourist lodge and Forest Rest House that offer accommodation facilities to tourists in the mid of the forest.

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